Elevate your Bourbon knowledge in 2021

The last Bourbon Stewardship Class for 2021 will be Nov. 13

Instructors: Dr. Pat Heist and Macaulay Minton

Hours: 4-7 pm

Cost: $150 and all guests leave with a barrel pick bottle that they selected

Interested in taking your Bourbon knowledge to the next level? Then join one of our upcoming classes to become a bona fide Certified Bourbon Steward. This program speaks to Bourbon lovers from ALL walks of life! This in-depth program is designed to guide you on your journey to becoming a Certified Bourbon Steward, and will equip you with the tools to discuss America’s Native Spirit both confidently and accurately while enhancing your ability to make educated recommendations for individual taste and preferences.

Topics covered will include:

  • What makes a bourbon a bourbon? And how it is different from other whiskeys?
  • Bourbon terminology and descriptors.
  • Distillation, aging, and brand creation.
  • Identification of Kentucky’s heritage brands and which distilleries produce them.
  • Hospitality and service in the Bourbon industry.
  • Building a flight and the art of tasting: An exercise identifying 3 Bourbons demonstrating the relationship among the products, describing their characteristics and nuances with nosing and tasting notes.
  • Accurate Bourbon history, including Kentucky’s role in its creation.
  • In the lab with Dr. Heist: Join Wilderness Trail Distillery co-owner Dr. Pat Heist as he leads this hands-on event that teaches the story of Bourbon from the microbiology level through final finished product.

And when the distillate settles, you will have picked a private barrel of Wilderness Trail Bourbon and be fully prepared to take the Certified Bourbon Steward test (code and book included). You receive your choice of a bottle of the  barrel pick Bourbons that were tasted.

If you are interested, email Macaulay Minton to learn more or register by calling the Visitors Center at 859-402-8707.

Date: Nov 13, 2021 — Nov 13, 2021